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  vidal aguirre :

street photographer, graphic designer and field worker
data :
  sex : man
  sign : libra
  chinese year : pig
  orisha : obbatalá
  First I've read Hemingway and Genet. I listened the jazz of Dave Brubeck, Bird Parker,
Monk or Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis. And Tito Puente.

Then I've thought to be photographer. My references were Walker Evans and William Klein.
I've got a F401 and a FG20.
I've read Nicolás Guillén and Carpentier. I listened Celia Cruz and Los Van Van.
That's when I've left to Cuba to take photos with Olivier, and I've known Bayoya.

I've read Cendrars, Galeano and Cortázar. I listened Vinicius with Toquinho.
I discovered Silvio and Rubén Blades. The Skatelites. And Pasolini. And Le Corbusier and Niemeyer.
I've got rid of the F401 and got a FA and a FM2. Héctor made me discover the mac.

And I've been back to Cuba, after being in Mexico.
With Bayoya as guide, I've penetrated the rumba in the solar, and in the streets.
From there I've discovered Jamaica and I've left to the United States.
With Debray in my mind, I've been back on my steps. And that's when everything's begun.
  photography in the street :

picture taken from and/or in the street, in which some persons, necessarily, appear as participants and witnesses of the moment and the place.
origin :
  place : Lyon, France
  graphic design :

creation and composition of web sites, composition for printed edition,
design of the representative logos.
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notes for reference  

William Klein

Black and White, it’s immediately the transposition.

Black and White takes advantage of ambiguity and lends itself to transposition. [quoting Breton]

I was very consciously trying to do the opposite of what Cartier-Bresson was doing. He did pictures without intervening. He was like the invisible camera. I wanted to be visible in the biggest way possible.

I used the wide-angle lens as a normal lens. I had no philosophy about it. When I looked in the viewfinder and realized I could see all the contradictions and confusion that was there with the wide-angle. That was what was great.

Robert Frank

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.

Above all, life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference.

Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.

questionnaire of Pivot and/or Proust  
  favorite word : still
abhorred word : duty
favorite drug : cigarette

favorite hobby : the siesta, do not do anything, 'far niente'

a character trait : pacience, with laziness

a sensation : the heat, as much as possible, and the sea
favorite sound, noise : the sea
abhorred sound, noise : motorcycle or moped on the street

favorite blasphemy, dirty word : merde [shit, in french]
  a place to live : Havana, or a beach close to

a place to not live, never : Washington DC

the world as it should be : without pollution, full of little countries, without borders, without visas

plant, tree or animal in which reincarnate : sea turtle... or a ficus
dreamed office, work : none

a photographer, or two : Klein, Evans

a reference, or two : Cendrars, Galeano and Niemeyer
If God exists, what would you like to hear from Him, the day of your death on arrival in Heaven : "Go back where you come from, heretic!"
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